Years active2
NameTed Pelton

Job in real life: Chair of the English department at Tennessee Tech University

How did you hear about the TAOVBB? I knew about vintage baseball, and searched Google to see if it existed in Tennessee. It did!

What is the thing you enjoy most about the league? I love everything about it.

Favorite memory: Against the Distillers last year, I was playing right field and a lefty came up and hit a long fly ball down the line. I ran over but it was foul and well out of my reach. I threw the ball in and trotted back into position. Next pitch, same thing, fly ball along the line in right field. Again I gave chase, but again it was foul, and far beyond my reach. So I threw it in and trotted back into position. I didn’t shade anymore toward the line because I thought I was in good shape to defend him where I was — and maybe I was daring him a little to try it again. Sure enough, he hits the ball again and again it’s coming right down the line, only this time it looks like I might have a play. I ran over at my top speed (not very fast) and at the last minute realized I could only catch if if I dove for it, so I did. Somehow, extending out in mid-air with both of my hands together, it hit and stuck. I landed and somersaulted over and somehow held onto the ball. Then I got up and tossed it in, like I do it every day. Slap Shot was playing second and he gave me a look like, Who are you?! That was great. I don’t think I would have made that catch if I hadn’t rehearsed it a couple times with those first two foul ballsā€¦

2017 stats: 36 AB and 17 hits (.472 avg), 4 runs, 6 RBI